Dedicated to the Deity ‘Sat Bhara’ A Testament to the faith of people towards God. The music video for ‘Sat Bhara’: is not only visually appealing but also carries a powerful message. The song is a Himachali bhajan dedicated to the deity Dev Sat Shree Balakameshwar. The lyrics and melody of the song have touched the hearts of the people and have been well-received on the Jitesh Sharma YouTube channel.

The Himachal Pradesh region is known for its rich cultural heritage and deep-seated faith in various deities. Dev Sat Shri Bala Kameshwar ji is one such deity who is highly revered in the region. People from all over the state come to seek his blessings and offer their prayers to him.

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BTS – Sat Bhara Music Video

The eldest son, Dev Banyuri Bala Kameshwar ji, is considered the knower of the four Vedas. Couples whose horoscopes are not found for marriage or who have a defect in the horoscope, can seek the help of Dev Banyuri to get married without matching the horoscopes. There are many proofs that marriages are performed in Devta ji temple without horoscope matching, and the deities themselves give blessings to the new couple by being a direct witness.

Dev Sat Shri Bala Kameshwar ji is a deity who is revered by many people in India. According to legend, he is one of the seven sons of Bada Dev Shri Kamrunag ji, and is considered as the eldest son. He is known to cure different types of diseases and defects, and is regarded as the Pratyash Devta. Dev Banyuri Bala Kameshwar ji, the eldest son, is believed to be the knower of the four Vedas and is known to get couples married without matching their horoscopes.

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Image From Sat Bhara Music Video

Northern Films, a prominent production house in Himachal Pradesh, has recently presented the latest music video project “Sat Bhara.” The beautiful Himachali Bhajan is dedicated to Dev Sat Shri Bala Kameshwar Ji, a revered deity in the region. The song features singer and lyricist Jitesh Sharma and is produced by Raja Singh Malhotra (Rattan Jewellers Moti Bazar Mandi) and Dev Bhoomi Group (Chairman Rajinder Vashista).

Dedicated to The Deity ‘Sat Bhara’

The music is composed by Paramjeet Pammi of Bhairvi Studio, with Ustaad Suraj Mani Ji playing the sehnai. The mix and mastering are done by iPhadi Studio in Purani Mandi, while Satnaam Singh handles the camera work, and Hitender is the DOP and editor. The direction is led by Northern Films, Yash Raj, Ved Kumar, and Jitesh Sharma.

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Image From Sat Bhara Music Video

Dev Sat Shri Bala Kameshwar ji is one of the seven sons of Bada Dev Shri Kamrunag ji, according to legend. Dev Banyuri Bala Kameshwar Ji is considered the eldest (Balatika), and Dev Bala Kameshwar Devdhar Ji is considered the youngest son. Dev Shri Bala Kameshwar ji is worshiped as Pratyash Devta, and wherever his devotees remember him, he immediately comes running to protect them.

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BTS – Sat Bhara Music Video

People believe that Dev Sat Shri Bala Kameshwar ji has a special connection with the king of Mandi, and there is a legend that highlights the deity’s power. Once, the king of Mandi wanted to test the power of all the gods and goddesses, and invited them to a market. When Dev Banyuri Kameshwar ji arrived at the hill in front of the market, the sound of his bomb was so powerful that it shook the palace and made the king scared. Upon meeting the deity, the king acknowledged his power and felicitated him.

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BTS – Sat Bhara Music Video

Jitesh Sharma, the writer, and singer of the song, has done a remarkable job with Sat Bhara. His soulful voice and heart-touching lyrics have created a magical experience for the listeners. It is no wonder that Jitesh Sharma has become a household name in the Himachali music industry.

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BTS – Sat Bhara Music Video

The team has put in great efforts to showcase the faith of people towards Dev Sat Shri Bala Kameshwar Ji. The filming locations include various Dev places such as Dev Bala Kameshwar Banyuri, Bhangrohi, Sayri, Devdhar, Tikkar, Kandhi, and Sunder Nagar. The music video project captures the essence of devotion and the significance of the deity in the Himachali culture.

The project team deserves applause for their hard work and dedication in bringing this project to life. From the producer Raja Singh Malhotra to the directors and editors of Northern Films, everyone has played a crucial role in making Sat Bhara a success.

Check out “Sat Bhara,” the latest Himachali Bhajan, this music video is a testament to the faith of people towards God.

To promote the Sat Bhara music video, the team has collaborated with various media partners, including Click Himachal, Pole Star Himachal, and DHN 24X7 (Daily Himachal News). These collaborations have helped spread the word about the video and have increased its reach among the masses.

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