Here are 9 Short Points About the Himachal Utsav Festival-2023 the first-ever cultural festival in Mandi

1. Himachal Utsav, the first-ever cultural festival in Mandi, showcased the diverse talents of artists from all over Himachal Pradesh

2. The festival lasted for four days and provided a platform for artists from different districts to display their art.

3. Cultural programs representing all districts of Himachal Pradesh were showcased throughout the festival.

4. Traditional dances like the Kangra dance, Bilaspur's Gidda, Shimla's Deepak dance, and Mandi's Luddi dance captivated the audience.

5. The first day of the festival featured theatrical performances, which delivered powerful messages to the audience.

6. The second day involved an Rangoli competition, where students from various educational institutions in the district showcased the rich culture of Himachal through their artwork.

7. Cultural performances on the second day included Nati, Churahi dance, Padwa dance, and traditional songs from different districts, receiving great applause

8. The third day highlighted the recitation of Mandayali Gita in the local dialect, Giddha, Vyag, Tashi Performance by artists

9. The Festival Concluded with a State-Level Kavi Sammelan, where 57 poets presented their Creations.

Himachal Utsav Festival Successfully Connected the youth with the Culture of Himachal Pradesh and Provided a Nurturing Environment for them to explore and appreciate various art forms.